Torin's Passage

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How to play Torin's Passage

Each game uses different controls, most Amiga games use both mouse and keyboard.

Torin's Passage Description

Torins Passage is a PC game from Sierra Entertainment which was released in 1995.

Even in childhood an evil spirit tries to kill the main character Torin, but his midwife saves him into the night, while his parents are killed. He is captured by a peasant couple with whom he spends a happy childhood. The years go into the country and everything seems to be perfect. Torin's mother is disturbed by the mother mothering. He feels a little bigger. Then it happens: As he makes his way to the city, his adoptives are kidnapped by the witch Lycentia. As a hero, Torin goes to the underworld, where the sorceress was exiled many years ago. But he does not have to do the journey alone: ​​he also receives help from his faithful assistant Boogle, who can turn into different objects.

Torin's hometown "Strata" consists of five interconnected hollow worlds, all of which must be traversed by means of phenomena. In doing so, he undoubtedly crosses the threshold of adulthood - because many dangers and obstacles lie on his way. His past also takes him back.

Torin's Passage - additional information

Game year
Also known as
"Странствия Торина" -- Russian spelling
"מסעותיו של טורין" -- Hebrew spelling
"Stranstvija Torina" -- Russian title
"Mas'otav shel Torin" -- Hebrew title
Cover Art
Torin's Passage - Cover Art DOS