Fengyun Tianxia: Sanguo Pian

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How to play Fengyun Tianxia: Sanguo Pian

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Fengyun Tianxia: Sanguo Pian Description

Mediocre fighting game with a variety of characters from the era of the Three Kingdoms. For those who do not know: it was quite a difficult period in Chinese history from 220 years to 280 BC It is strange that in Taiwan there are almost no segment information online about this game, but in the Korean and Japanese "fringes" - please. By the way, fighting games on the subject of the Three Kingdoms were leaving a little earlier: Sango Fighter (1993) and Sango Fighter 2 (1995). But if it is fair to compare them, described the game a little bit inferior to these two products, issued by Panda Entertainment Technology

Fengyun Tianxia: Sanguo Pian - additional information

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Also known as
Stormy World : The Three Kingdoms
Cover Art
Fengyun Tianxia: Sanguo Pian - Cover Art DOS