Masque ChessNet 3

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How to play Masque ChessNet 3

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Masque ChessNet 3 Description

Masque ChessNet 3 is version 3 of Masque's chess program.

This version of ChessNet has options that allow the player to compete with other players via modem, null modem, BBS terminal Emulator, PC Pursuit Dial up, Network or Internet connections. Alternatively the player can play against the computer and in such matches can choose any of six levels of difficulty. It has a help function, based on the US Chess Federation rules, which explains the game and a feature that allows players to listen to their own CD's while playing.

The game comes loaded with 20 games from the 1993 World Chess Championship.

The game can be played entirely by the mouse, dragging and dropping pieces. However the keyboard is needed when entering players' names and when typing messages to other players. There are also keyboard shortcuts to some of the game's menu options such as save, load, hints e.t.c.

Masque ChessNet 3 - additional information

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