Sword of Aragon

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How to play Sword of Aragon

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Sword of Aragon Description

Sword of Aragon is a video game of strategy turn- developed and published by Strategic Simulations in 1989 . It is also considered a 4X game and includes elements of role playing . The game is set in the imaginary world of Aragon, the player embodies the Duke of ALADDA city which aims to unify the country. For this, it must develop its cites, recruit troops and lead them in battle. First published on DOS , the game has also been ported to Amiga . In its release, the game is rather well received by the specialized press, which described it as an exciting game but his critical system copy protection , some journalists also noting that the game is for purists

The game is set in the world medieval fantasy Aragon. Shaken by internal struggles and countless attacks of orcs , of goblins and Titans, the mighty human empire that controlled the country until then is now in ruins. The player is the son of the Duke of ALADDA, a city that experienced its heyday under the old empire. At his death, the Duke charged his son to realize his dream: reunite the country. For this, it must develop its cities, enlarge his army, conquer other cities and conquer or ally with other races of the world of Aragon. It must also retrieve three artifacts needed to claim the throne, defeating a dragon and destroy the fortress creatures that invaded the country. He finally manages to dethrone the emperor Lucinian IV Tetradan empire and to rise to the throne of Aragon.

The game combines city management elements with tactical fighting and is considered a 4X game by some sources .

At the beginning of a game, players can choose one of five character classes available in the game: warrior, knight, wizard, priest and store. Each class has an affinity with one type of units. The warrior is thus more capable of controlling the infantry and the knight ordered the cavalry. During the clashes, mages, rangers and the priest can also cast spells to damage an enemy, alter the pitch or heal an ally . The player can recruit commanders of each class to accompany the hero on his quest and having won a number of battles, commanders can offer their services .

The player and the computer plays in turns, each turn corresponding to one month in the world of the game. The game is played mainly on a map of the regions of Aragon . On the latter are displayed cities and units controlled by the player. This can not, however, see the areas he has not yet explored. Using the keyboard and mouse , the player moves a cursor to select its units and cities, then gives them orders . The cities he controls ensures a monthly income which is added the tribes paid by his vassals and the spoil obtained during the fighting . Revenues generated by the cities can be improved by providing funds to develop their business activities, such as agriculture or mining, or increasing taxes. Taxes however affect the loyalty of the people, too high a rate can decrease the population . The troops are recruited in cities and must be paid each month . Different types of troops are available in the game, including infantry, cavalry and archers . When an armed attack an enemy city defended by troops, the game switches to a window dedicated to the tactical combat. Clashes may also have places where two armies meet on the map of Aragon. The game displays a battle of large-scale map that differs from the world map by limiting the number of units that can occupy the same space . The player and the computer and move their troops deployed in turns. The units can move at their own pace or be subject to a forced march to cover greater distances. Some courses offer defensive bonuses to their occupiers. The attacks can take many forms: body-to-body, charge, or projectile magic . One option allows the player to let the computer take control of his army to determine the outcome of the confrontation . At the end of a fight, the game switches back on the map. The units that survived to earn the experience that allows them to improve their fighting capabilities. Troops can also train in a city to gain experience .

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