Time Crisis

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How to play Time Crisis

Each game uses different controls, most DOS games use the keyboard arrows. Some will use the mouse.

Time Crisis Description

Time Crisis is a rail shooter with a gameplay style similar to Virtua Cop. The player moves automatically, shooting adversaries with the light pistol before moving on to the next screen. The stages usually end with boss battles. The player may also have Richard dive for cover by pressing a button. Nevertheless, excessive use of this function may result in the time limit placed on each screen expiring.

The game's events take place in the fictitious republic of Sercia. A coup overthrew the Garo family's despotic government, paving the way for the election of a new president. But the last member of President MacPherson's once-powerful Garo family kidnaps her, demanding top military secrets in return for her safety. The VSSE, a global intelligence organization, dispatches agent Richard Miller to penetrate Garo's stronghold and rescue the young woman. Play and enjoy Time Crisis on Classic Reload! (CONTROLS: To enter coins, press 5, to choose and shoot, press Ctrl, and to stand up press Alt.)

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